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Real Estate

Trusted Real Estate Lawyer

Real estate in California presents unique legal challenges that require an experienced attorney specializing in real estate law. Whether you are owning, renting, managing, investing in, improving, or otherwise involved in real estate, disputes will eventually arise. The Law Offices of Cottrell Law represents buyers, sellers, owners, co-owners, landlords, tenants, property managers, escrow companies, brokers, agents, banks, mortgage lenders, hard money lenders, contractors, developers, professional liability insurers and more.  We can represent you in many real-estate related capacities.

Real Estate Litigation

Real estate has always been considered one of the most lucrative investments available. However, real estate transaction disputes often arises between the different parties involved. Real estate lawsuits can involve numerous types of legal challenges and issues. Additionally, stakes can be extremely high in a real estate dispute. When a real estate transaction dispute occurs, the counsel of an experienced real estate litigation attorney can be extremely helpful in figuring out efficient and effective solutions.

Partition Action

A partition action in California is the only court-ordered process to bring an end to real estate co-ownership disputes. A partition action is a legal process to divide a California real estate equitably among its co-owners. When there is disagreement where one or more co-owner of a property may want to sell the property, but another co-owner does not agree to sell, a partition action can help force the sale of the property fairly and equitably among the joint owners.

Quiet Title Action

Quiet title actions are one of the most common types of real estate litigation. A quiet title action (also known as action of quiet title) is a lawsuit filed to establish or find resolution of title to real property between adverse parties. Quiet title causes of action arise when multiple parties claim ownership of or title to a property, and an owner seeks a declaratory judgment from the court “quieting title.” Quiet title actions are used to establish a clear title, remove unknown parties, or challenge anything clouding the title on property ranging from commercial to residential and even vacant land. 

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